Deadly 60

The BBC production team knew that they had a great concept with the Deadly 60 format. They planned to travel around the globe to capture the 60 most deadly creatures on film.

Research was showing that boys were not engaging with natural history programmes. We wanted to get more boys inspired by nature so we had our purpose.


The design team at Brond worked with us to create a logo on a then unknown children’s series ‘Deadly60’. We went through a fun, collaborative and rigorous creative process, creating a superb logo that nailed everything the series stood for.

The logo evolved as we made several series of Deadly60 and then numerous spin-offs across multiple platforms, plus games, theme parks and across the BBC web site.

At one point this was the best selling BBC Brand world-wide and still remains one of the most recognisable and iconic symbols of Adventure Television, and this was in no small part down to Brond’s involvement.

James Brickell - Series Producer and Head Of Digital Production, BBC


Deadly 60

A brand was created that directly targeted boys using a language that they could easily understand.

We took the name 'Deadly 60' and created a street style stencil logo inspired by skate and surf brands. We wanted to capture the imagination of both the children and parents and this was a style that both groups engaged with in their spare time.

The skull and logotype were hand drawn to ensure that the identity was totally unique and had a raw, creative feel that reflected aims of the series.