About Brond

We are brand people.

The name Brond is the original word for brand.

We take the time to listen to people to understand the story of their brand. We work in close partnership to develop creative ideas and solutions for the brand.

We are reliable, focussed and supportive.

We deliver effective results. We have met most of our clients through referrals from people who are happy with the results we have delivered for them.

We are ambitious and determined for the brands that we support. We enjoy watching them grow and succeed.


Stay true

Honest brands are more believable to customers, and get better results.

Brond empower people to be confident enough to express their true personality and tell the real story.

Brond believe branding is able to unify a business and help set a constant set of values and goals to focus on and drive towards.

A brand story needs to be believable, honest and true. The consumer must believe and trust what the brand is saying to them. We create an emotional connection between your brand and your target audience.